An Oscar Schmidt Banjo, an Antique Book Press and Hand Painted Firkin!

The Ruckersville Gallery and Strasburg Emporium continue to be open for business! With the economy opening back up many of our dealers are offering great sales.
Per the Governor’s updated COVID-19 Executive Order we ask that you wear face coverings. Our large square footage at each store gives customers ample open space in which to leisurely shop our extensive inventory while escaping the summer heat.  Come take a LOOK!

Oscar Schmidt OB5 Banjo, Includes Case and Capo – Like New – $229.00, Booth 87.

Antique Book Press from Booth JLR, $75.00.

Concrete Pug – Booth 407, $95.00.

Hand Painted Firkin, Booth 2 – $159.00. (Cask used for liquids, butter, salt, and sometimes fish).

Unusually Nice Butter Churn – Great Patina – Booth 2, $159.00.

Huge ‘Woodstock’ Platter – $25.00, Booth 38 – Now 20% Off!

Seth Thomas 8 Day Time and Strike Black Mantle Clock with Adamontine finish – Booth 33HA, $145.00.

Vintage Music Stand, $250.00 – Booth 30.

Huge Pitcher/Planter (?) Booth 302, $69.00.

Thanks for Visiting!

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