John Hayes

It all started innocently enough. John Hayes grew up in Michigan and moved to Virginia in the early 80s, marrying his wife, Jan. In 2009, he retired early with the plan to do a little woodworking and play golf four or five times per week.

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Donnie Mays

Booth 33ha

Ask the folks who know him, and they’ll tell you that Donnie Mays is an expert in clocks. Ask Donnie, though, and you’ll get a glimpse of his characteristic modesty:

“I don’t like being called an expert. I know something about clocks… I don’t put any out that don’t run but I can usually get them to run. Clocks would be a specialty. Rather than be an expert on any one thing, I know a little bit about a lot of things.”

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Paul Mott

A long-time collector, one of Paul’s specialties is U.Va. and local Virginia ephemera. In fact, “His assortment of U.Va. items is considered by some collectors to be perhaps the finest that exists outside the University.”

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Eric Kolb

Booth 911, 913, 914, 1411.

Denise Ohnysty


Booth 150

Hillside Antiques opened 20 years agoin Hillsboro, Virginia, and has resided in the Strasburg Emporium for approximately 15 years.

My original interest was in country primitive antiques, and has expanded over the years to include: china, crystal, costume jewelry, lamps, quilts, industrial and mid century items, as well as moderately priced furniture.

Visit Hillside Antiques and discover unique antiques and collectibles of different styles and periods for your home.

Whether you are a collector, are looking for home emebellishments, or visiting for the first

Ann and Dave Williams

Booth 38 – Wonderful Selection of Quilts and Textiles, Handmade Farm Tables and Primitives.

Stephen Harmison


Booth 11 – Wonderful Selection of Unusual Primitives, Furniture and Furnishings, Signage and Textiles!

Julie Hall

Booth 24, Very Nice Selection of Antiques and Collectibles, Furniture, Glassware, Seasonal, and Much More!

Russell Wood

Booth 2 – Oak Furniture and Furnishings – Books and Glassware.

Joe Filerman

Booth 5.

Coins, Currency and Gorham Silver Ornaments.

Clarence Fry

Booth 10.  Hand Crafted Furniture and Furnishings – Tools Too!

Celeste Verrone

Booth 12. Original Art and Fine Jewelry.

Mary Bennett

Booth 13.  Interesting Selection of Primitives and Collectibles.

Millie Andrews

Booth 18.  Selection of Vintage/Antique Furniture and Furnishings,  Glassware, Prints and Textiles.

Mac and Sue Wilbur

Booth 19. “We love the beauty of the west & Native American Culture.  We try to bring a varied selection of Navajo pottery, Kachinas and jewelry to our showcase along with items complimenting western decor.  Our other showcase carries a collection of cookie jars, tea pots and salt/pepper shakers.  Be sure to check out our comical wine bottle holders whose characters portray many professions and interests”.

Al and Monica Harris

Booth 20, Interesting Selection of Furniture and Furnishings, Glassware, Fiesta and Much More!

Rick and Karen York

Booth 21.  Collectible Kitchenware, Bottles – Wall Art and More!

Derrick and Joy Garman

Booth 23.  Antique Furniture and Unusual Primitives.

Bill and Jeanette Ewing

Booth 26.  Tools, Cast Iron, Furniture, Dollhouses and Furnishings – More!

Judy Dennis

Booth 27, Elephant Collection, Vintage Collectibles and Jewelry.

Lynn Pitts

Booth 28.  Head Vases – Miniatures.

Pamela Fry

Booth 31.  Specializing in Custom Built Furniture – Interesting Selection of Collectibles too!

Joan Corman

Booth 32, Better Used and Collectible Books, Ephemera – Vintage Costume and Sterling Jewelry.

Joann Warfield

Booth 33.

Harold, Kay and Stacy Horton

Booth 35. Nice Selection of Furniture and Original Art.

Lynn Long

Booth 37. Interesting Selection of Art, Furniture and Furnishings.

Suzanne Amos

Booth 39. Wall Art – Vintage Furnishings and Smalls.

Murray McKnight

Booth 42, Books, Collectible Magazines – Maps and Ephemera.

Damon Hudson

Booth 43.  Collectible Character Figurines, Star Wars Collectibles, DVD’s and More!

John Wright

Booth 44.  Furniture, Books, Pottery and Glass – Tools, Signage and Much Much More!

Ann Kovalchick

Booth 47,  Vintage Textiles and Buttons, Quilts and Sewing Machines.

Maria Hickman

Booth 55.  Selection of Antiques and Collectibles.

Michael and Larry Crites

Booth 56.  Vintage and Antique Clothing, Toys and Furnishings.

Gloria and Pete Lamphier

Booth 57.  Glass and Pottery, Furniture and Furnishings, Art and Accessories.

Donald Miller

Booth 59.  Clocks and Related Items.

Bob and Cindy Creekmore

Booth 60.  Old Trucks and Toys, Postcards, Framed Art and More!

Stephen Matthew

Booth 63. Collectible Plates and Glassware – Nice Selection of Books Too!

Beverly and Jim Alexander

Booth 67.  Vintage and Antique Furniture – Pottery/Glassware and a Variety of Collectibles.

Kim Vanderveld

Booth 76.  Tools, Hardware and Equipment – Architecture and More!

Jean Schmidt

Booth 84.  Books, Tools and Records!

Deborah Aiken

Booth 87.  Furniture, Vintage/Antique Glass, Star Wars Collectibles and More!

Deborah Perry

Booth 90. Beautiful Collection of Antique Furniture and Collectibles.

Brad Meyers

Booth 100,  Interesting Selection of Signage, Primitives, Pottery and Seasonal Items.

Lifestyle Transition Team, LLC

Booth 110 – Diana Lurey and Dan Fauver – “Helping you scale back, so life can move forward”!


Pat and Chuck Hirst

Booth 111.

Classic Vintage Items & Gifts:  Chuck & Pat spend their time searching for “that item” for your home – live-edge benches, unique garden planters, lighting, man cave decor, and repurposed / hand-crafted furniture – or personal collection to offer interesting and new-to-the-market items.  Vintage clothing, sterling and vintage jewelry, and smaller items are always brought along to add interest and variety to their booth.

Vicky Willliamson

Booth 175.  Great Selection of Vintage and Modern Decorative Items…Nice Selection of Hand Thrown Pottery.

Jim Matthews

Booth 188.  Coins, Coin Books.

William Curry

Booth 195.  Selection of Vintage Collectibles and Furniture.

Philip and Sandra Chaney

Booth 202.  Nice Selection of Vintage Kitchenware/Cast Iron – Seasonal Items and More!

Robert Hurley

Booth 217.  Interesting collection of Tools and Hardware – Furniture and Kitchenware – Much More!

Barbara Plauger

Booth 315.  Vintage Collectibles, Jewelry and Books.

Kenny Hanula

Booths 316 and 317.  1000’s of Vintage Items – Store Advertising, Vintage Appliances and Furniture.

Renee O’Connell

Booth 320. Textiles, Quilts, Primitives, Unusual Vintage Furniture, Collectibles and Vinyl  (Home of Renee’s Rockin’ Records)!

Ann and Dave Sowers

Booth 339.  China Sets – Glass and Kitchenware.  Furniture and Furnishings.

Will Paulsen

I have been an independent appraiser since 1980, providing full-time, full-service appraisals to private, public, and corporate clients nationwide. I also have been providing consultation services to private retail galleries, auctions, dealers, and consignment businesses, as well as curatorial services to private and public museums. I have additionally acted as a commissioned agent for private and corporate clients, including movie stars, elected congressmen and appointed White House cabinet officers, and nationally ranked Fortune 500 corporate leaders.

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Randy and Dan Bishop

Booth 407.  Statuary, Original Art and Fine Collectibles.

Cheryl Johnson

Booth 444.  Furniture, Vintage Collectibles and an Eclectic Assortment of Antiques.

Sally Heynes

Booth 465.  Wide Assortment of Collectibles.

Michelle Sheetz

Booth 709.  Interesting Selection of Clothing and Accessories.  Great Selection of Cowboy/Cowgirl Boots.

Darlene Ratlief and Jim Kerins

Booth 813.  Wall Art and Statuary.

Ray and Jeanette Priest

Booth 888.  Interesting Assortment of Collectibles.

Charlie and Pat Taylor

Booth 1044.

Stephen Webber

Booth CW (Collector’s World)

Mark Fondahn

Booth DS.