A Hickory Rocker, A Pewter Pie Keeper and Bretzels, Our New Coffee Shop!

Now! A Place to Take a Break from Shopping – Relax with a Cup of Coffee and a Sandwich! Bretzels will Open in the Emporium this Saturday with Coffee, Cinnamon Rolls, Soup, Sandwiches, Cheesecake Bowls and More! Come take a LOOK!

Pewter Hollow Ware Pumpkin Pie Keeper, Booth 199, $35.00.

Hickory Rocker with Bent Sides, Made by the Lancaster Amish, $279.00, Booth AA.

Hand Stitched Double Sized Quilt, $175.00 – Now 20% Off! Booth 38.

Green Cabinet with Repurposed Oak Top, $395.00, Now 20% Off! Booth 38.

Gorgeous Flow Blue Platter, ‘Watteau” – $245.00, Booth 150, Now 20% Off!

Structo Steam Shovel, Booth 369 – $95.00.

Booth 21 has Red Pepper Jam – $3.99 ea. (Oh Boy!!!)

Ceramic Snowman Cookie Jar from Booth 39, $35.00.

Book: The World of Ornament by A. Racient, A Wonderful, Well Pressed Book, Illustrated Throughout. Booth 32, $17.00.

Book: ‘Oh Shenandoah; Paintings of the Historic Valley and River’ by Andrei Kushnir. Beautiful Oversized Hardcover with Paintings Throughout. Booth 32, $40.00.

Thanks for Visiting!

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